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ECCOis one of the few resources to achieve vertical integration mode of the shoe company adopted the top-down mode of operation, from the leather raw materials production, to design and manufacture, each link under the direct supervision of the ECCO. So far, ECCO has more than 14000 sales outlets in more than 87 countries, and has over 1000 sales outlets in china. Founded in 1963, Denmark's well-known family business, ECCO has more than 19000 employees around the world. ECCO is also one of the best leather products. Leather is not only used for making ECCO shoes and leather

ECCO was formally stationed in China in 1997 and opened the first store in mainland China in Beijing. From the distributor (ECCO), later ECCO Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., until 2006 all over ECCO brand sales in the mainland market promotion, China more than 10 years, ECCO has established the brand in the country is about 850 points of sale. The huge scale and rapid growth of the Chinese mainland market make it truly the most strategic part of ECCO's global business

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